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Jordanie, désert et canyons du Wadi Rum

Jordanie, désert et canyons du Wadi Rum
Category Trekking
Number of days : 11
Price : 1700 € (sans l'aérien)

Situated in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is a country which juxtaposes two different worlds: one of sedentary peoples with one of nomads. Land of passage between Africa and Asia, seated between the Occident and the Orient, filled with thousands of years of history, Jordan offers the history buff and trekker alike an unequaled desert experience.

Petra, the desert’s “Pink City” and a UNESCO World Heritage site is a must for any visitor to Jordan. A crossroads and trading center for many ancient civilizations, Petra encompasses many diverse elements illustrating an incredible composition of nature modeled by man. Born of natural geologic formations then sculpted by the Nabataeans, Petra is without doubt the pearl of the Middle East. A day of discovery will allow us to explore archaeological relics left behind by the early civilizations which shaped this remarkable site.

Our voyage in history continues: Rum, gateway to the Arabian desert, will be our base camp for the easy climb of Jebel Rum, highest point in the region. Hikes with local Bedoin guides will allow us to penetrate this desert lined with tall ochre towers which play with subtle shadows at dawn and dusk. In this fairyland of strange geologic formations such as giant’s steps, natural arches and rock “mushrooms”, we will climb surrounding peaks and traverse dry canyons. For any aerial or technical passages, you will be “roped-up” for extra security.

To wind up our journey, we will take a side trip to Aquaba, the renowned Red Sea resort. Here we will recuperate from our desert escapades and also partake in the delights of skindiving in waters considered among the richest on the planet.

Please note that in a time of global troubles, Jordan represents a model of political stability.

Day 1: Paris-Amman. Arrival in the evening. Night in hotel.

Day 2:
Morning: Visit the capital city of Amman: the old town, Roman theatre, market… Afternoon: Taxi transfer to Petra (3 hrs). Night in hotel in the village of Wadi Musa, near the entrance to the site of Petra.

Day 3:
Early morning departure for our day of discovery in the heart of Petra.
Visit the principal sites, temples and tombs including El Khazneh and Ed Deir.
Late afternoon: transfer to Wadi Rum. Settle in at “Rest House” near Bedoin camp.

Day 4:
Our first day of desert hiking. Ascension of Jebel Burdah and onwards to the Royal Arch. Return to camp in 4x4s.

Days 5 and 6:
Two days of hiking in the Jebel um Ishrin massive exploring its canyons and discovering its Nabataean petroglyphs. Overnight in a desert bivouac camp in the company of our Bedoin guides. We will cross the Rakabat and Zernouk El Daber canyons, using ropes to rappel down the steeper passages.

Days 7 and 8:
Departure for Jebel Rum, culminating point in the region. Easy climb to the top. (Roped up for those who prefer). Overnight in bivouac near the summit. Perhaps the “high point” of our voyage ? Descent to Wadi Rum by rappels (total of eight, ranging in length from 10 to 45 meters) on the east face of Jebel Rum and through its marvelous canyons.

Day 9:
Transfer to Aquaba on the shores of the Red Sea. Discover waters considered the richest on the planet. Afternoon of snorkeling in this incredible underwater environment.
Night in hotel in Aquaba.

Day 10:
Spend our last morning together in Aquaba. Afternoon: Four hour bus transfer to Amman along the shores of the Dead Sea. Night in hotel in Amman.

Day 11:
Morning departure:Amman-Paris (or Geneva, London, etc…)

Dates :

  • - 16/20 may 2016

Price :

  • - 2000 € (add 500-700€ for round trip flight Paris-Amman)
  • - vol de 500 à 700 euros



Additional Information

Level of fitness:
This voyage does not involve any particular difficulties and is offered to those in good physical condition who can hike for five or six hours per day in the mountains or desert. You will want to carry a day pack daily (small rucksack). Bags and camping gear will be transported by our Bedoin guides in 4x4s except for our climb of Jebel Rum – we will carry our own gear for this ascension (not heavy but a bit bulky!).

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit the desert in Jordan.
Summers are excessively hot and winters quite cold and it even snows on Jebel Rum in January!

Double rooms in good quality hotels in Amman, Petra, and Aquaba.
Tents in Wadi Rum. Bivouacs in the desert and canyons.

Breakfast and dinner: In hotels or prepared by the group in bivouacs.  (et à Wadi Rum dans le camp?) Lunch: simple picnic

No particular vaccinations are required for Jordan. You are advised to be up to date on regular vaccinations (tetanus, etc)Visa

Ask at your country’s embassy to Jordan. (in Paris: 01 55 74 73 73 )

Price: 2000€ includes guide fees, hotels, meals and transfers. (OTHER ?)
Price does NOT includeairfare (about 500-700€ round trip Paris or Geneva - Amman), cost of visa, airport taxes, drinks and personal expenses…
Price does NOT include3% cancellation/repatriation insurance.

3% (of cost of voyage) cancellation/repatriation insurance is required and is to be paid with inscription.



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