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The Dolomites of Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy)

The Dolomites of Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy)
Number of days : 7
Price : 1180€

The Himalayas, the Rockies and the Alps are all very different mountain ranges. However, at a glance, it is not always easy to tell them apart. A rocky summit, a tree perched on a mountain slope or snow filled gulleys are traits of all mountain massifs.
Well almost all…because the Dolomites are the exception to the rule and you only have to spend the day there to ensure that you will never again confuse them with any other mountain range. Mountains of coral: this is not the only geological attraction of the Dolomites. Its flora and fauna, and above all else, its history makes this region rich with things to discover.

The beauty of the landscape, added to all these elements, makes the Dolomites a greatly appreciated destination for mountain lovers. Our trek takes place in the nearby region of Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Group transfers, luggage transportation and lunch preparation are taken care of by the mountain leader team. Bring just the hiking necessary and fully enjoy the hike !

Day 1 : Cortina d'Ampezzo
Meet your group at the hotel Villa Argentina in Pocol, situated above Cortina, at 6H00 pm. Briefing. Evening meal and night at the hotel.

Day 2 : Refuge Palmieri - Mondeval – Passo Giau                                Elevation gain: 920m Elevation drop: 400m
After a short shuttle by minivan, we hike to the Palmieri mountain hut, located at the foot of the imposing Croda da Lago. We can admire the Mondeval alpine pastures from the Forcella Ambrizola.  For many centuries, this alpine grazing area was known for the abundance and quality of its grass. One day, tools and human relics dating back to the Neolithic ages were found here. Hiking across this extraordinary landscape makes it easy to understand the reason for human presence here. Nature seems lush, water and grass bountiful, hence providing a grazing paradise for cattle herds and horses. After hiking to Forcella Giau, we meet our minivan at Passo Giau. Night in Pocol.

Day 3 : Tre Cime di Lavaredo                                                           Elevation gain: 350m Elevation drop: 350m
From Cortina, a short van ride takes us past Lake Misurina to the start of our hike. We are at the foot of the vertical rock needles Tre Cime di Lavaredo, summiting at almost 9900 ft, so famous for their rock climbing routes. We begin with a gentle hike around the Tre Cime. The landscape is breathtaking.  We come across many relics from World War One. A loop around the range takes us back to the start of the hike. We transfer to our hotel in Pocol by minivan.

Day 4 : Refuge Lavarella                                                                  Elevation gain: 400m Elevation drop: 1000m
After a short transfer to the Falzarego road pass, we use the tram to reach Lagazuoi peak and enjoy the unbelievable mountain view ! Here the past has left many evidences of courageous enterprises from the Italian
and Austrian soldiers. One can still see war bunkers and visit galleries to measure the craziness of past battles in the area. The Dolomites have seen the first Via Ferratas, suspended cable ways, originally built and used for military strategy to access the top of the mountain. In spite of their exposure and the physical aspect of the exercise, via ferratas are nowadays very popular sport circuits, and they attract more and more challenge seekers each year.  Out route follows the Alta Via Dolomiti trail and its beautiful landscapes until Forcletta del Lago pass. The trail continues through a wide alpine valley that leads to Lavarella hut.

Day 5 : Refuge de Fodara                                                                 
Elevation gain: 500m Elevation drop: 580m
In these remote alpine valleys local communities have maintained a strong cultural identity. We can still hear people speaking Ladin, a language born form Latin and German origins. While we are getting ready for our hike, marmots have long been playing in the alpine lawn around the hut, ready to pause for a picture ! We follow our trail to Pedéru and then hike up to the Fodara hut, accessible thanks to an old military road, dug and carved into the mountain. We can also continue on and reach the summit of Cime Lavinores to admire the incredible panorama from the top.

Day 6 :
Croda Rossa                                                                         Elevation gain: 750m Elevation drop: 1300m
We follow a dirt road that cuts across the alpine prairie. It is a beautiful hike to the altiplano across fields and sedimentary rock. We stop at Refuge Biella for a short while, just enough to consider hiking to the summit of Croda Rossa and back. Then our trail goes down into the Scuro alpine bowl, and takes us to our minivan and hotel Argentina where we stop for the night.

Day 7 : Passo Giau – Refuge Averau – Col Falzarego                           Elevation gain: 350m Elevation drop: 470m
We reach Giau road pass and continue our great traverse across the Dolomites. We will reach the summit of Nuvolau and stop at the eponymous hut for a rewarding, and contemplative break. On the way down we hike past many remains from the Great War. At the foot of Cinque Torri, the old war galleries were restored and are accessible to visit. We meet our driver and minivan again at passo Falzarego. We return to Chamonix later on that day.

The guide may have to adapt the route to weather conditions and/or to group physical and/or technical ability.

Download the trip description

More pictures on our blog : Les Dolomites au jour le jour

2018 DATE : Saturday to Friday. June 30 to July 6.

2018 PRICE : 1180€  per person (6 people minimum)



 Guiding service and organization 

 Drinks and personal expenditure (souvenirs…)

 Half-board in mountain hut, and  hotel (double shared room / quadruple and dormitory)

 Repatriation insurance (mandatory)

 The first night in Cortina, before starting the trek


 Picnic lunches


 Lift passes


 Transportation throughout the trek


 Luggage transportation throughout the trek


 Transfer from Chamonix to Cortina and back



- ID or valid passport.
- Repatriation insurance (mandatory). Cancellation insurance is highly recommended.
We provide optional insurance contracts for repatriation and trip cancellation.

- An all-inclusive product
- Only 6 to 12 people per group and mountain leader
- Carefully selected accommodation
- We prepare lunch packs with local products
- Assistance from a private minivan and driver to allow more logistic flexibility if necessary (weather changes, or change of program)
- Our minivan driven by a mountain leader who will reveal his knowledge and help with guiding if necessary

LEVEL : 3/5 - Dolomites of Cortina d'Ampezzo hiking trip is a moderate trek. A minimum of 700m (2350ft) vertical gain and about 5 to 7 hours of hiking daily. Hiking on generally well-maintained mountain trails, sometimes including easy out-of-trail sections. For active people who don’t mind training to prepare for the hike. A great multiday hike for people with trekking experience.

ACCOMMODATION : 4 nights in a hotel (in double shared room*), 2 nights in a mountain hut (4-bed room or/and dormitory).
* For people signing up alone, we cannot guarantee that you will share your room with a person of the same gender.

GUIDING : Each mountain leader guides groups of 12 people maximum. For maximum safety and quality guiding, a second mountain leader joins the  group at 13 people.
Important : no booking accepted in our scheduled groups for people under the age of 18 without a legal guardian.

MEETING PLACE : At 8.00 am in front of the Compagnie des Guides in Chamonix, OR at 6.00 pm at Hotel Argentina in Cortina d'Ampezzo on Day 1.
You are welcome to come and meet your guide the evening before at our office at 6 pm.
Please contact Anaïs for more details.

EQUIPMENT :  See attached list.

Repatriation insurance is mandatory. We strongly recommend the purchase of cancellation insurance.
Repatriation and cancellation insurance are available from our office.

TRAINING : Good physical condition will allow you to make the most of your holiday. A month before the hike at least, we suggest you walk upstairs, rather than use the elevator. During the weekends you can run, walk or ride your bike to train for the hike. Doing a medical check-up before signing for the trip is recommended. Your guide should be informed of any medical treatment.

CLIMATE : Alpine weather can change suddenly, involving wide temperature variations. Temperatures also drop with altitude, and snow falls in summer are not rare. A high pressure moving in can also bring in cool air.  You should anyhow bring warm clothes and be prepared for cold or very hot weather, while minimizing additional weight gain.

Please, feel free to  contact Anaïs at  the Compagnie des Guides for any further information.

You are a private group, you can ask for a customized trip, and have your own guide !


- Exclusive guide
A more individualized relationship between your group and the professional.

- Choose your date of departure
You can choose your date of departure within the limit of the hut availabilities.

- Flexibility all along the trip
Depending on weather conditions, your level and your expectations, the guide can suggest you some different options of itinerary.

For any further information, please contact Anaïs:
Tel : +33 4 50 53 00 88 or Email : anais@chamonix-guides.com


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