Mountain huts have always played an essential role in a guide's Professional life.

Mountain guides have naturally found themselves actors in the building and catering of mountain huts. In partnership with its moutain sports development organisation, ADSM, the Chamonix guides' company manages three mountain huts in the Mont Blanc range: The Cosmiques, the Requin (in partnership with the French alpine club CAF), and the Charpoua hut. Priority has long been given to maintaining and modernising huts in  order to provide the highest stangard of comfort to all visitors, while maintaining a traditional mountain atmosphere. In addition, ADSM provides a certified training program for future mountain guides. Finally and in order to perfect the skills of mountain guides and leaders of the Compagnie des Guides, it offers a choice of updated training courses in the field of foreign languages, GPS orientation, rope manoeuvering , weather science and first aid procedures.

The Cosmiques hut 3613m

This mountain hut is alternatively catered and supervised by Laurence Ravanel and Arnaud Sage.

Opens from February 16th, 2013 until second or third week of September.
Contact for bookings by phone +33(0)
Rates :
- Night and breakfast only: 38 €
- Half-board: 57 €
- Half-board UAIGM guide's rate: 40 €
- We accept credit card paiment.

GPS reference : 32T E 0335 896 N 5082 112

The hut staff almost in full in 2011

You can spend the night at the hut just before skiing Vallée Blanche...!<

The Requin hut 2516m

Both the French alpine club (CAF) and ADSM share the lease for this hut.

Delphine and Vincent are the hut keepers.
Opens from January 15th to May 5th, and June 15th to September 15th ( some schedule adjustment can be made according to mountain conditions)

For bookings please contact the following numbers:

  • +33(0)
  • +33(0)
  • +33(0)

mail :

rates :
- CAF Night  : 12 € / non CAF : 23 €
- Breakfast: 7.50 €
- Hot Meal : 22 €
- Take out lunch: 9 €

The Charpoua hut 2841m

Christophe is the Charpoua hut keeper

Opens from June 8th to August 15th (adjusment possible according to mountain conditions)
For bookings please contact by phone: +33(0)
GPS reference : 32T E 0341 460 N 5087 646
2013 rates:
- Night : 19 €
- Breakfast: 8 €
- Hot meal : 20 €
- Half-board: 43 €

Preparing for the mountain guide trainee exam

The Guides'company is glad to contribute to training future guides for their mountain-guide trainee exam.

This course aims at preparing young candidates who need to improve their skiing skills before registering at the mountain guide certification entrance exam. To pass this exam, specific training and skills are required.  As a matter of fact, young local people often attempt to enter the course without proper preparation, leading to a high failing rate.  As a result, we decided to provide an adapted course to help young people from our region.

This course is open to all. The Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix can officially provide these types of training courses, via  the ADSM organisation.
Several funding options are available related to the French training tax fund (in-house training, AGEFICE, ...).

2 training programs are available :

Summer course
Winter course.

Please contact the Compagnie des Guides for more information.


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