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Annapurna I, south face.

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A : Main summit 8091m (26146ft)

B : Central summit 8051m (26415ft)

C : Eastern summit 8013m (26290ft)

1 :  Bonington route, 1970,  himalayan style, summit reached by Dougal Haston and Don Willans on May 27th 

2 :  Steck Route (also called  Béghin-Lafaille attempt), solo ascent October 8th and 9th 2013 by Ueli Steck . Repeated on October 17th to 26th, 2013 by Yannick Graziani and Stéphane Benoist. In 1992, Pierre Béghin dies on this route after a somewhat forced attempt.

3 : Japanese route, autumn 1981, himalayan style, with expedition leader: Hiroshi Yoshino. summit reached on October 29th by Yukihiro Yanagisawa and Hiroshi Aota. Just a few days earlier,Yasuji Kato dies after a fall before reaching the summit with Haruyuki Endo.

4 : Polish route, spring 1981,  himalayan style, with expedition leader:R. Szafirskis.

5 :  Catalan route, 1984,  alpine style, by Nils Bohigas et Enric Lucas. 1982 attempt by René Ghilini and Alex Macintyre. Alex dies on the way down.


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