What you should know

Internet is a maze where one can find the best and the worst about any given subject…

In order to save you a lot of time and avoid bad experiences or even worse, here are some advice you can use when comparing prices, dates and types of services for “all inclusive packages.

All legal businesses involved in selling “all inclusive holiday packages” are subject to regulations agreeing with the Tourism Code and more specifically the July 22nd 2009 law:

-       registration number with the National Tourism Register must  be clearly stated, showing  Civil Organisation Liability, which aims at protecting consumers, should occurring problems lead to legal procedure. Liability contrat references must apprear on all marketing device used by the company (insurance name, contract policy number…)

-       Web documentation must show legal status of the company( 1901 Non-profitable Organization Law , Limited Liability Company, Travel Agency …), as well as its head office address, and contact information for all members involved in the business.

-       The term “All inclusive package “ should not be misunderstood with similar-looking “almost inclusive packages “, offering very attractive prices, but full of hidden costs (i.e. lift tickets, take-out lunches, bus transfers…)!


To make a long story short, your trip should be prepared and handled in a very professional way. Complying to a certain number of obligations is the foundation of professionalism: some Taxes are mandatory (mark-up VAT, corporate tax, local tax on businesses,…), books must be seriously kept, and last but not least, a professional company must be properly insured.

We hope you will consider these aspects carefully. They will contribute to making your outdoor experience successful.


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